“Public safety: A community problem requiring a community strategy”

“No matter how large a jail is built, it will be filled unless steps are taken to treat the root causes of crime.” – UALR Public Safety Task Force


A  Must Attend Town Hall Presentation

Featuring Dr. Charles E. Hathaway

Director, UALR Public Safety Task Force



Garland County Library Auditorium

February 12, 2009 - 6pm



Dr. Charles E. Hathaway

Former Chancellor - University of Arkansas, Little Rock


  Criminologists, sociologists and educators came together under the direction of former UALR Chancellor, Dr. Charles E. Hathaway to study what is needed to make our communities safer from crime. The Task Force pulled no punches in reporting its findings on how municipalities within a county must unite to provide for crime prevention, intervention, and treatment with a jail as the centerpiece of the plan. The study includes “How to determine the perfect size jail, its operational costs, and how to pay for those costs.”  


Garland County is fortunate that Dr. Hathaway is making himself available to personally brief us on the main findings of the UALR Task Force Report and answer questions from the public.


Be informed before we vote again to build a new jail


Everyone Welcome   -   Free Admission


Event hosted by the Garland Good Government Group

Providing access to information so the public can make informed choices