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SURVEY RESULTS  2007, 2008, 2009
Ite= ms listed in light yellow rank between High Priority & Imperative, blue: Medium to High Priority, etc.
It= ems listed as per ranking Score Rank
Ref= erendum to recall director Weatherford from the city board 88.2576 1
Red= ucing violent crime in Hot Springs Metropolitan area 87.5912 2
Eli= minate meetings of directors that violate state / federal laws 83.5185 3 up2
Eli= minate all city contracts with city directors   83.4559 4 dn1
Rem= oving city manager Myers   83.3984 5 dn1
Rem= oving downtown bottleneck. Change 2-lanes back 4-lanes 83.0935 6
Red= ucing drug use in Hot Springs Metropolitan area 82.1691 7
Ref= erendum to recall Mayor Bush from the city board 81.8702 8 up1
Imp= lement a "Public Comment Section" for all public meetings 81.6547 9 up1
Ref= erendum to recall director Smith from the city board 81.6406 10 dn2
Cea= se funding international travel for city directors 81.3406 11
Red= ucing property crime in Hot Springs Metropolitan area 80.9259 12
Ref= erendum to recall director Daniel from the city board 78.5433 13
Eli= minate taxpayer funding for "Sister City Coordinator" 77.5180 14
Imp= rove city operations and efficiency of government 77.4254 15
Bui= ld a new jail and impose stronger penalties for felonies 75.3597 16
Emp= anel grand jury to investigate government, political dealings 74.7826 17
Imp= rove funding for police and fire equipment (communications) 74.0876 18
Eli= minate Sister City program unless city is located in the U.S. 73.1884 19
Rem= oving 4-way stops & other unwarranted acts by directors 70.5224 20
Res= tore direct street (Bath St.) to downtown parking garage 68.9781 21
Rem= ove or reduce the 3% A&P tax on food at restaurants 68.5606 22
Ref= erendum to recall director Jones from the city board 66.9291 23
Rem= oving plans imposing planning & zoning outside city limits 66.6045 24
Bri= ng more entertainment shows or concerts to Hot Springs 64.5221 25
Imp= rove airline service to Hot Springs Metropolitan area 62.0438 26
Rep= lacing city manager form of government   50.8065 27
Ref= erendum to recall director Edwards from the city board 41.5984 28
Ref= erendum to recall director Maruthur from the city board 32.6000 29
Bui= ld a New City Hall for the City of Hot Springs   27.5735 30