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Public Safety Week 2007

Hazmat & Ladder Truck That's a Big Ladder Truck - 100 ft. reach
Lowering a Victim From a High-Rise That's Not a Victim - It's a Dummy
Hazmat Truck Hazmat Trailer
Okay, We're All Set Up - Where's the Crowd? Hazardous Materials Demonstration
Decontamination Facility Lifenet Ambulance
The Lifenet Supervisor is Here Too Training Truck
Big Red Hot Springs Fire Truck 70 West Fire Truck
Morningstar Tanker/Pumper Piney Fire Truck
They Keep Those Trucks Spotless US Forest Service Fire Unit
US Forest Service Law Enforcement National Park Service
National Park Ranger K-9 Unit and a Big Canine
Some of Hot Springs' Finest Sheriff's Department Vehicle
Don't Even Think of Outrunning It - That's 600 HP Sheriff's Department is Well Represented
The Sheriff and Top Brass Kids Wondering Why The're Taking Each Other's Picture
Hot Springs/Garland County Animal Services Checking Out Everybody's Equipment
Fire Dogs Looking for Fireplugs - Wait, Maybe Horses Santa Told the Judge and Razorback Fans They Had Been Good
Oh, Except for That One Thing, Judge Hanging Near GGGG's Free Hot Dog Stand
The Free Hot Dogs and Cokes Were GGGGreat Everyone Was Having Fun
Its Nice to See Policemen Enjoying Themselves That Hot Dog Area Was Popular
Well, Almost Everyone Was Happy Especially This Bunch - They Were Having Way Too Much Fun
Supervising the Cooking Even the Host Has to do a Little Advertising
Some Folks Needed Long Talks With Santa Sentinel Record Photographer Taking Ariel Shots
Man On the Street Interviews Those Hot Dogs Were a Hit
The Weather Could Not Have Been Better Some People Were Even Trying to Give Their Coats Away
Lots of Neat Stuff to See Hold On - Is That a City Director Who Climbed Up There?
It Is a City Director!  Talk About Nerves of Steel The Chief and His Sparkling Truck
You Want Me to Show You Where That Fireplug Is? Don't Be Pointing That Camera at Me, Dude
It is a Long Way to the Top Mean Looking, Isn't It?


Christmas Parade 2007

GGGG Christmas Parade Float (and it does float) In the Christmas Spirit
A hot meal at the Colonial before facing the cold It is cold - cold - cold
Downtown is beautiful and thousands turned out Our city leaders in Washington DC
Recall Petition Drive Kick-Off Our Infamous Bottleneck
National Park Superintendent Makes a Point to GGGG Snow in March (3-5-08)
Good 'Ol Boy Watchdog Politics

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