The GGGG Mission Statement

To promote transparent, ethical, and representative government for the betterment of our thriving community.  To demand openness and accountability in all governmental activities.  To foster civic involvement, community improvement, and participate in good government.  To acquire and provide access to information so the public can make informed choices.

GGGG Meetings
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GGGG meetings are held twice each month at the Garland County Library.
  • Open Meetings are at 5:30 PM on 2nd Thursday each month
  • Business Meetings are 6 PM on 3rd Thursday each month

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We solicited and accepted some 600 citizens survey form which were questions based on what citizens said they wanted asked.  Once this data was tabulated, we provided it to the City of Hot Springs for consideration in their MPO Plan and the city's Strategic Plan.  The 2007-09 survey has now ended but you are welcome to click above or below to review the results of the survey.

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The Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce



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Chancery Consent Order 93-1639


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DeGray Water Concerns

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City Issues Town-hall Meeting

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Public Safety Appreciation

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June City Water Forum

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Sue Clark asks                  Dick Antoine and Tom

"Where's the Emergency"           Wilkins Moderate              

  Audience of 55 listens            City Manager makes a point



May Candidate Debate

All County Races, Judges, Local, State

County Judge Candidates    Assessor Candidates   

Circuit Judge Candidates         State Senate Candidates   

   County Sheriff Candidates    County Treasurer Candidates


GGGG Hosts City Government Form Debate

Garland County Library Auditorium 5-9-13


Glenn Gallas Moderates

Pro: Jock McGregor, Clay Hermann, Peggy Thurman

Against: Dan Lewin, Pat McCabe, Rick Ramick

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GGGG Hosts Craig O'Neill

Local CBS TV Anchor and Local Officials

Mayor, City Manager, County Judge

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St Pat Parade Study - Click Here


GGGG VP Dr. Blake Robertson Presents

"Citizens of the Month" Plaque to

Keith and Sherry Merritt plus address by

District Judge David Switzer

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GGGG Endorses New County Jail after Presentation by Officials

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Tom Wilkins, Moderator, explains jail panel format. Panel members (from left) are Lance Hudnell - Hot Springs City Manager, Larry Sanders - County Sheriff, Rick Davis - County Judge, and Bud West - Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee Chair.


GGGG Hosts State Department and Indonesian Officials

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The GGGG hosted the U.S. State Department and International Visitors from Indonesia during a special June 2011 meeting. Honored guests above included the Vice Governor of East Java Provincial Government, Board Chair of Prosperous Justice Party, Coordinator of R&D for Foker NGO Cooperation, the Regent of Lamongan, the Regional and Urban Planner with the Ministry of National Development Planning, and the Director of Development with Radio Bahana Arauna. Also pictured are County Judge Rick Davis, Sheriff Larry Sanders, and Bob Driggers with the GGGG. See additional photos and story on the "Meetings" page.


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GGGG Hosts Asian Journalists

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The GGGG hosted the U.S. State Department and International Journalists from Malaysia, Singapore, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong at the Garland County Library Auditorium. We were also honored to have County Judge Larry Williams, National Park Superintendent Josie Fernandez, Representative Bill Sample, five representatives from the Hot Springs School District including board president Bob Freeman, Tea Party Chairman Glen Gallus, and many others. Our International visitors paid us the ultimate compliment when they said, "of all the many places we have visited in the United States, you have made us feel the most welcome." It was obvious that our visitors enjoyed their visit and we certainly did enjoy having them here. See story and photos on the "News" page or click here.

Watchdog Group From Nicaragua Visits GGGG

Hot Springs Mayor Mike Bush addresses U.S. State Department officials and six duly elected Nicaraguan officials who were removed from office by corrupt practices of President Daniel Ortega. The group has now formed Grupo 911 as a political watchdog group. In fact, one of the members gave the GGGG a big compliment when he stated, "We want to go back to our country and be watchdogs like you."  

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Arkansas A/V


A/V Treat


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Hot Springs Out of Water?

Water is vitally important to our city and county. However, many people feel that the city is once again spending millions of dollars before thoroughly looking at all viable options and making proper decisions. Many feel that taking water from Lake DeGray is nothing more than a huge mistake that will have a costly long-term devastating impact on water and wastewater customers. There is no question that taking raw water from Lake Ouachita will be much cheaper than paying huge pumping costs to transport 20 million gallons per day (166,600,000 pounds) from a lake 20 miles away and 170 feet lower. It is interesting that we fought almost this same battle just a few years ago. Below is the article that filled this space at that time.

Hot Springs Out of Water?

Water is the next really BIG issue for our area.  City leaders are telling us they need to spend upwards of $217 million for water and wastewater improvement beginning with a new water treatment plant and intake near Carpenter Dam on the opposite side from the city and build a bridge to bring the water back across the lake, use the same bridge for a "hike-and-bike" bridge to connect a couple of new city parks (located outside of the city), and pump water from this most polluted spot of the most polluted lake back to town along the bypass.  If this doesn't sound like a great plan to you, get the facts and make your voices heard.  Oh, we should also mention how our city leaders have continued to pursue this plan in spite of the Arkansas Health Department (from which a permit must be obtained) flatly rejecting the proposed location and dissatisfaction with the plan, advising against continuing to "expend resources," and pointing out the city and Entergy's proposed location is NOT a good location.  Click here to see the ADH June letter and scroll down to see attachment.  Click here to see the ADH Oct. letter.


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Check the "News" Page to See Our Efforts Regarding the City of Hot Springs Spending $100-200 Million for Water Improvements Without a Vote of the Citizens and Then Fill Out the Survey by Clicking on the "Water Survey" Button Above.